Endangered Animals


At "BIG CURVE ACRES FARM" a large variety of the farm animals are Rare and Minor (Endangered) breeds. Most People are aware of the disappearance of many wild animals breeds, but are not aware of the loss if farm animals species. There is a need to conserve those breeds of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, and Poultry that are becoming endangered due to the changes in modern agriculture.
end3"BIG CURVE ACRES FARM" maintains a growing list of these Rare and Minor Farm animals. If current trends continue in the livestock industry, more then 80 breeds of North American livestock will face extinction.

Most of these threatened breeds were the main stream farm breeds of the past. With specialization in the 1970's the popular breeds were developed on the narrow, fragile gene pools which may be susceptible to disease.
end4Recognizing these facts, "BIG CURVE ACRES FARM" has undertaken to protect and breed these farm animals. When visiting "BIG CURVE ACRES FARM" for an Educational Tour you can expect to see many Rare and Minor Breeds in addition to our modern day breeds.
During the months of May and June, school trips are booked to experience the arrival of spring at the farm with all the new born animals. Our goal is to educate child and adults about farm animals. We take farming seriously, this is our business not our hobby or entertainment.