Educational Programs


ed2At "BIG CURVE ACRES FARM" we offer a unique learning atmosphere for all grades, based on the current school curriculum, with special emphasis on horses.

During May and June, our group tours experience a structured program with the opportunity to learn about a variety of animals. Animal discussions range from a historical to current day perspective.
Small farms are a part of our past, not our future!
Experience a mixed family farm at Big Curve Acres.

Endangered Farm Animal breeds can be seen at
We provide a structured Education program based on FARM ANIMALS.
Classes travel through a number of stations learning about the farm and animals. This includes the horse drawn wagon tour through the animals in the fields.
SPRING TIME is a special time at the Farm with NEW BABY ANIMALS.
We point out animal families ie: Stallion, Mare, Foal,, Bull,Cow, Calf, Ram,Ewe.Lamb...
The incubator is hatchlings of chicks and ducklings arrive regularily. Baby bunnies are always a hit at the touch table!
School Booking Information
Morning Programs ONLY:
Program Time: 9:30am - 11:30am or
10:00am - 12:00pm for distant travelers.
Picnic Opportunity from 11:30am - 1:00pm
(Unsupervised picnic area)

•Garbage less Lunches Preferred
•No Feeding of Animals
•Hand Wipes/Sanitizer Provided
•Picnic/PlayGround Area Separate From Animal Areas
•Wheel Chair Accessible
•Environmental Toilets
•Animals are Vaccinated & have an Export Health Status with Agriculture Canada C.F.I.A.
•"BIG CURVE ACRES FARM" is Properly Licensed & Insured
•Exclusive Access to the Farm is not Guaranteed
•Supervision Ratio Suggested: 1 Adult Per 10 Students


School Program Group Cost: $7.00 each plus HST
Total Cost $8.00 each.
Our rates have not changed for 5 years
only government taxes have changed the fee...
Group rate starts at 20 people.

Please Call or E-Mail us for additional information.